Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Perfect Packing

I love walking onto a plane with a small carryon suitcase and a shoulder tote. Having all my luggage with me means if we are held up or have to change planes then we don't have to wait or to lose our luggage.  Also in the USA internal flights charge for check-in bags so you save money too.

My shoulder tote is the Lindy;  it has side pockets that are handy to reach in for quick items such as passports and pens.  It fits under the seat and hold heaps.  Hereunder is a list of what I pack for long flights 
  • notebook + power source + adapter
  • phone + charger + earbuds (they work with the plane's audio system too)
  • makeup
  • change of undies
  • puzzle book
  • pens
  • passport etc
  • eye mask 
  • handcream
  • mints (phew breath)
  • perfume
  • small bottle of sanitizer (good for feet)
  • facecloth (mops up spills and can double as hanky if needs be)
  • compression/dvt socks (stop swelling)
  • wallet
  • sunnies and prescript glasses

My carryon suitcase is the smallest size hardshell- it fits a surprising amount.  Below is a list of clothes that I take now - it has taken me years to develop the list.  I have overpacked for years and there's always something I don't wear but now I wear everything.  The biggest difficulty is realising that you do wear what you take and that you can always buy more things.  Don't forget different cultures- sleeves and no shorts  in certain countries.    Below is a general list for most countries but if you are having a skiing or a beach holiday then obviously it varies significantly.
  1. non-iron best - also washes and dries more quickly than say, denim
  2. one dark colour basics - black/navy/dark grey/dark brown don't show dirt
  3. large colourful scarf/pasmina dresses up an outfit    
  4. keep it simple and classic - the same items will last for years
  5. be realistic - ie high heels are unlikely to be worn as often as walking shoes
My typical wardrobe is all black with white to pop -  I layer everything
    Mimco Cocoon
  • longish stretch skirt (optional - I only take if business trip; and in summer when I can roll it at my waist to make it slightly shorter)
  • long black pants
  • capri or 3/4 pants
  • one light shirt/ top
  • one heavier shirt/top - button up so can double as a cover up
  • white teeshirt 
  • cardigan (lightweight cotton for summer; cashmere for winter)
  • Hermes scarf
  • white cotton nightie
  • black walking shoes - I have  great pair of Sketchers that are elastic and have memory foam bottoms (just bought them in USA)
  • low heels or sandals (dep on city/destination)
  • crossbody small bag (for sightseeing, I have a mimco one)
  • large carryon tote
  • old underwear can be thrown away as you go
Secrets to the Perfect 14-day Vacation Wardrobe
This is a variation on my wardrobe.

 Above is a taken from a great website ... it's like we are travel twins. I will add a picture of my wardrobe for Croatia. I buy leggings and a few things things from Supre.

Toiletries etc
  • makeup - take minimum - buy up in duty free, or visit at local chemist
  • shower gel etc - these days most hotels have all body care products so don't take  unless you need a special brand
  • if you do take shampoo it can double as body gel AND clothes detergent - smallish bottle so you can throw away
  • statement piece of jewellery ... something to make you feel good and dress up an outfit

While on the road
  • stretch clothing dries more quickly and doesn't need ironing (often hotels have a stretch line over the bath)
  • you will wash a couple of times ... hand washing is fine
  • buy things on the run such as gloves, hats etc - local products are often more practical and are souvenirs
  • foldup plastic cover - I bought one in walmart years ago
  • invest in a heavy coat - I have a great boiled wool coat I bought at Maggie T's
Of course the above should be modified for summer holidays or skiiing vacations but the same general principles apply - for instance in summer I tend to take more colourful tees and even include a linen shirt...luckily no one cares if linen crushed.

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