Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Well today was my first radio Toni's Travel Tips and I think it went well--except for my speedy delivery.  I always speak too quickly when I get excited. 

Nic and I talked about the most popular travel methods for stressed vacations - Cruises and Escorted Tours.  I thought I should elaborate on these two mehods of vaationing.

By the way, here's a link to the poo cruise fiasco that we discussed on air.  I also note a follow up story.  Talk about the holiday from hell hey?  Of course this is a one-in-a-million occurence, but it's a cheap and sensational segue for me to iterate that when choosing a cruise it is vital that you get one that is right for you. This webpage has broken the types into seven types of cruises.  Remember a ship can be a small place if you're on the wrong one--to me the "adventure cruise" looks the most inviting.

I can't believe I had a brain fart on radio this morning of course I meant Antarctic and Arctic.  I drove from Brisbane to do the segment so put it down to too much caffeine. 

My own cruise experience - when I was 17 I boarded a big ole ship and sailed to the UK from Sydney.  It took about three weeks and I thoroughly enjoyed my time.  The stops included Fiji, Tahiti, Acapulco, Christobal and Balboa, Fort Lauderdale and finally Southhampton.  I remember seeing black sand for the first time (Acapulco), being underwhelmed by the Panama Canal and nearly missing the ship in Fort Lauderdal (I hired a car and got totally lost).  After working three jobs to finance my European trip, I needed the rest and met a lively group of females.  Debbie Gooda if you're out there reading this -- email me.

Since then I'll admit I like boat/ship travelling and I don't suffer from seasickness too often.  I think the most spectacular time I spent on the ocean was my trip on a DDG off the coast of Hawaii (Maui actually) when we were surrounded by a pod of whales.   I was one of the few on deck--most people were downstairs throwing up.  Umm note to people:  if a bunch of folks are downstairs throwing up - perhaps being up on deck, in the fresh air is the best place to be?

My ideal break is to do a barefoot cruise on the Barrier Reef--I tried to talk some friends into it but no one was up for it.  I need to get me some new friends.  This website is interesting -- maybe one day Nic and I will take one report back to you.  In the meantime if any of you have done a barefoot cruise please email me...

Well that's all for tonight - 


Disclaimer:  all information is my opinion and in no way endorses the companies or wbsites.

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