Saturday, 12 October 2013

5 Things - Copper Canyon

FIVE things you didn’t know about Copper Canyon
It’s in Mexico - Chihuahua State.
It’s larger than the Grand Canyon
Access only by train
One of the world’s GREATEST train journeys
You can stay in a hotel ON  the actual canyon….! 

Five things you should know about the Train Journey  
Journey starts in Chihihuahua and ends up in Los Mochis – 16 hours roughly
ChePe is the name of the train – 90 years and 90 million dollars to complete
Mexican trains are FAIRLY cheap so go first class the restaurant car is great
It leaves VERY early in the morning…so you should arrive the night beforehand and stay in a hotel nearby AND ARRIVES AT 1AM – SO DOUBLE CHECK your hotel will have someone there to pick u up
Be patient … trains were often late

Five Travel Trips
Go in the winter – then you don’t have to fight the crowds and you get a seat on the right side
Don’t be afraid of eating the food at the stops – I did and didn’t get sick at all
Stay at the hotel on the canyon
Mexican buses are fabulous so don’t be afraid to catch them
Take the tours – don’t be a wimp like me 

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