Sunday, 7 April 2013

Fast and Furious in Los Angeles

Polo Lounge
Let's be honest LA is the city most Aussies pass thru on their way to Anaheim or somewhere else. But to skip past Los Angeles is to miss some great American culture - yes, I wrote culture.

Today I want to share my Fast and Furious five days in Los Angeles.

First stop for celeb spotting is the Polo Lounge. Go for lunch and stay for the stars. It's glamorous, relaxed, the food is good and it's where the deals are done. I know someone famous patted my shoulder but I still can't remember his name. See there's Danny DeVito there, one of the guys fr Entourage over there and lots of faces I knew - and names I didn't . I always have the steak tartare and a bottle of champagne (all the better to linger over the table with). The food is surprisingly reasonable - expect to pay about $40 per head incl the bubbles and dessert.   Even the toilets are fabo. Yep this is 'old Hollywood' at its best.

Loew's Santa Monica
Afterwards I happily sat back and let my friends take me for a drive to Malibu and cruising the beaches. We ended at Loewes Hotel near the Santa Monica pier (you know the pier with the Ferris wheel - it's in every Hollywood beach shot). By then it was Happy Hour and so we sat poolside under a gorgeous umbrella soaking up the view. Two happy happy hours later we checked into our hotel.

Can I just say I highly recommend the Custom Hotel ? I've stayed in many LA hotels and for value and style Custom cannot be beat. I couldn't believe I was paying under $140 (including hefty la room taxes) for a large room 8 mins fr the airport.And nope I didn't get comped.  I never do--welcome to the world of travel blogging.

Custom Hotel Room
Next day was CULTURE. But first we started with breakfast at a honest to goodness diner right near the hotel. The huge breakfasts were just $6. Fuelled up, we were ready to tackle the Getty Museum. Perched high upon a mountain top, the Getty is a testament to money and philanthropy. $15 fee pays for parking, admission is free. And if you wish you can visit the Getty Villa for price one 'admission'.

 The museum hosts some of the most famous paintings but I loved the decorative arts ie furniture and household items (see bed photo). The special exhibition of illuminated manuscripts liberated from the original places and replaced into other documents, pictures etc was fascinating.   I love to see popular uses of 'high' culture items, but the bibliophile part of me is appalled at the destruction of such valuable items. 

I also did some seemingly mundane things - houses hunting in Pasadena, movies at the Sundance theatre chain and buying housewares.  I will post this in my mundane things to do blog :)

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